The American Post-War Effort to Resuscitate Japanese Commerce & Industry (1946 – 1948)

Archive of Letters, Notes, Diagrams, and Photographs including two manuscript outlines of Berne-Allene’s itinerary in Japan, three pages of diagrams relating to meetings with important figures such as H. Honda, T. Katayama, K. Okamura, & M. Hirata, and one large black and white photograph of a chemical plant in Osaka. The entire archive is wrapped in rice paper and inscribed from Tsuda to Berne-Allene. The writing on the included postcards makes it clear that the whole archive is a gift from Tsuda to Berne-Allene to thank him for his assistance in reviving Japanese industry after the war. In sum, a remarkable example of very friendly post-war relations very soon after two atomic bombings.

Price: $500.00